HELIX® Analytics-as-a-Service

HELIX® is an end-to-end SaaS analytics ecosystem, purpose-built to enable every user to access the data, content, education, knowledge, expertise, and support they need to make data-inspired decisions.

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HELIX is an integrated, single-pane-of-glass analytics experience

Stop chasing software licenses—HELIX unifies best-of-breed technologies and eliminates administrative headaches:

  • Cloud data warehouse
  • Data ingestion, synchronization and replication
  • Data transformation
  • Unified analytics hub with secured access to all your BI tools
  • Data catalog with lineage and metadata management
  • LMS with built-in analytics courseware
  • Community knowledge management and data communities
  • Integrated ticket management and development request tracking
  • Observability for monitoring & alerting across all systems
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Integrated Enterprise Analytics—in Weeks,
not Years

In a few short weeks, we seed a data lake with your most valuable sources, build an enterprise data warehouse tailored to your most meaningful use cases, and enable your team with onboarding and smarter, faster insights.

Everything You Need to Run Analytics at Scale

HELIX seamlessly integrates top platforms like Snowflake and dbt. We manage account upkeep and monitor usage, freeing your team to prioritize business goals. Bypass the hurdles of talent sourcing and avoid endless proofs of concept. As your demands increase, HELIX scales with you.

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Enterprise Analytics—Quickly and Affordably

HELIX speeds your analytics outcomes by rapidly connecting your data sources into an integrated environment. We integrate HELIX into your most important data sources in just a few weeks, so you can start uncovering analytics insights right away.

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HELIX is more than software; it's a managed analytics service powered by experts. As part of your analytics team, Axis handles daily operations, platform upgrades, and catches issues before they impact your users.

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Analytics Across your Entire Organization

With HELIX, every business unit gets access to the data they need and top-tier analytics tools. With a single, integrated analytics environment, streamlined request management, and built-in courseware, every employee can make data-centric choices.

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Expert Guidance—
Every Step of the Way

With HELIX, you gain a seasoned partner with 30 years of experience saving companies millions of dollars by delivering top-tier solutions and minimizing tech debt. We uncover and prioritize high-value use cases that really make a difference.

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Best-in-Class Security

HELIX prioritizes security, utilizing GxP practices, strict cybersecurity, and third-party audits to ensure a robust, reliable analytics platform. It's SOC2 compliant and Axis is committed to data security and privacy.

Terms of Use

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