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by Axis Group, on Jul 13, 2022 12:17:48 PM

In organizations everywhere, analytics teams are engaged around burgeoning backlogs of user requests. They are inundated with demands for enhancements, new dashboards and reports, better visualizations and data stories, support …

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Topics:Analytics Enablementdata culture

by Christopher Johannessen, on Jul 7, 2022 3:17:40 PM

Data Literacy is top of mind across industries, businesses and governments because data is the source of innovation, growth, opportunity, and success. While enterprises of all sizes have invested in …

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Topics:Data Literacyenterprise data literacy programdigital transformationtalent shortageanalytics talent

by Jerry DiMaso, on Jun 16, 2022 4:29:20 PM

Urgent Need for Increased "Awareness" of Data Literacy Problem Having a Data Literate organization, country, and world will not happen overnight. The success of Data Literacy is dependent on a …

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Topics:Data LiteracyData Democracyenterprise data literacy programgovernancedata and analytics operating model

by Christopher Johannessen, on Jun 1, 2022 4:40:18 PM

Businesses know that data capabilities can be used to gain competitive advantage. The more meaningful data and appropriate analytics you have, the more you know about your customers, your products, …

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Topics:Analytics Enablementoperating modeldata and analyticsdata and analytics operating modelcompetitive advantage

by Patrick Bull, on May 31, 2022 12:01:55 PM

At Beyond 2022, ThoughtSpot unveiled an exciting roadmap. They discussed features like custom SQL, improved visuals, and a bring-your-own-chart capability that may enable customers to replace existing pixel-perfect dashboarding tools …

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Topics:ThoughtSpotThoughtSpot BeyondAnalytics Enablementslack integrationcustom sqldbt integration

by Axis Group, on Mar 2, 2022 8:33:30 PM

Thinking of a career in Data and Analytics? Then you don’t want to miss this exciting opportunity to (virtually) attend the 2022 Axis Group® Career Expo on March 8th! This …

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Topics:Data LiteracyData ScienceBusiness IntelligenceAnalytics Enablementdigital transformationdata and analyticsdata engineeringrecruitinghiring


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