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How to Future Proof Your BI and Analytics by Using an Agile Approach Towards Your Data

Marina James
July 26, 2017
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“Change is the only constant.” These time-tested words are never more true and applicable for businesses than they are today. Organizations need to be data-driven and able to adapt to changing needs faster than ever before. Adopting self-service BI and analytics helps accomplish this objective and in fact is no longer an option, but a… continue reading

The Analytics Buzz: Speros Kokenes on Data Visualization

Jeff Reichlen
July 25, 2017
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Recently, Axis Group’s Director of Visual Analytics, Speros Kokenes, appeared on The Analytics Buzz, a podcast from the Business Analytics Center at Georgia Tech, to discuss data visualization, including its current state as well as future trends. Data visualization is the process of taking data and turning it into graphical representations that reveal patterns and… continue reading

Harnessing the Power of Embedded Analytics and Transcending Traditional BI

Derek Garrison
July 3, 2017
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As analytics professionals, we spend our days immersed in the world of spreadsheets and dashboards. With data quickly becoming an integral part of ‘how we work’, software companies around the world are beginning to incorporate data mining and embedded analytics directly into their tools. BI tools, such as Qlik and Tableau, have become increasingly popular… continue reading