Drive Executive Engagement Using Data Stories

Stories connect people with new ideas and help them understand content on an emotional level. 

data-story2Find out how to use data storytelling to improve engagement, ensure understanding, and expand data literacy from Axis Group experts in this three-part video series.

Part 1 focuses on a real-life use case. In this video, Axis Group Engagement Manager Alex DiFiore discusses the challenges faced by an organization. As they looked at the options, it was clear that creating data stories was the best way forward. Learn more about the solution that helped them drive better executive engagement and then tune in to watch parts 2 and 3 to hear how you can create your own data stories.


In part 2,  learn more about what a data story actually is. In this video we explore why and how data stories effectively drive decisions. Gen Ellsworth, Axis Group User Experience Architect, shares the elements of a data story and reviews practical tips for creating a data story. Gen also dives into the differences between a data story and a dashboard, when data stories should be used, how data stories are designed and so much more! Be sure to watch part 3 to find out how you can create a data story using a popular analytics solution.

Part 3 reveals how to leverage data and analytics products, such as Qlik, to create data stories. Karl Pover, Axis Group Senior Solutions Architect, and former Qlik Luminary discusses how to use QlikSense to create a dynamic data story in the final part of this exciting three-part series.


What stories will you tell with your data? We can’t wait to hear from you!