Axis Group and Blue Prism Announce Exciting New Partnership

Axis Group announced today that it is now a Blue Prism Advisory partner, offering enterprise clients strategic insights and direction regarding Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA). With Axis Group’s nearly twenty-five years of data and analytics consulting experience combined with Blue Prism’s industry-leading Digital Workforce platform, this partnership brings best-in-class Intelligent Automation solutions to customers.



About Blue Prism


Blue Prism coined the term Robotic Process Automation and created the RPA technology sector. Over the past two decades they have evolved their software offering and now focus on providing intelligent automation through the Digital Workforce platform.


This Low Code platform was initially designed to render RPA workflows that could mimic human activity through the creation of libraries of reusable application objects and business logic objects that could be both assembled and reassembled to produce business process workflows. The initial focus of RPA was to automate mundane, complex or time-sensitive tasks that often result in high error rates that cause productivity and data quality issues. Automated processes can be created to work across any digital interface designed for humans. All Blue Prism automations are created and run, with full transparency of controls, scheduling, and execution of tasks with an immutable log of events on a centralized platform providing solutions which are "led by the business and operated by IT."


As the Blue Prism platform matured, its functions went beyond mimicking human behavior. Blue Prism's "Digital Workers" can be trained to work across other interfaces, including Web Services and API's to more efficiently interact with enterprise applications and data services to take on tasks that humans could never do. This is the point where Blue Prism's "Connected RPA" becomes an Intelligent Automation Platform, as it can now engage AI and Machine Learning, as part of a business process, in order to gain descriptive, diagnostic, or even predictive and prescriptive analytical insights in order to enable more robust and autonomous automated workflows.


As Digital Workers become more proficient at carrying out increasingly autonomous functions, they are being employed in entirely new ways. These Digital Workers are increasingly seen as digital coworkers that can collect data, generate reports, pre-fetch, or update information, and even determine the next best action to service a customer. These capabilities free up human coworkers so that they can pursue more high value activities, such as relationship management, business ideation or contract negotiations. This mixture of automation, AI, and human upskilling enables an enterprise to set out on their Digital Transformation journey with a greater ability to be more agile in adopting and integrating technologies with their existing and future state environments while providing a seamless experience to employees and customers.


Partnership Expands the Art of the Possible


As data drives business it also enables automation. As automated workflows are deployed they produce new sources of data about how a business operates. Axis Group can observe and leverage this virtuous cycle, identifying new forms of business value for our customers. Axis Group can also employ Digital Workers to collect and transform data, invoke AI/ML services, provide methods to commercialize analytical insights for customers, and create many other novel solutions by providing thought leadership regarding the "Art of the Possible" of Intelligent Automation, providing a new channel of solutions development that was previously not available.


Do not confuse “easy” with “simple.” Meaningful, secure, and scalable Intelligent Automation requires design, planning, training, and consistent oversight and lifecycle management for successful adoption. Blue Prism has created a framework and best practices for automation called the Robotic Operating Model (ROM), that lays the foundation of an IT-enabled, business-led Center of Excellence (CoE) that outlines the components needed for a company's successful implementation of Intelligent Automation. Axis Group, with its long and exceptional history of working with data, analytics and business solution design can be a trusted advisory to organizations looking to employ Intelligent Automation as part of their Digital Transformation.


It is increasingly common to see enterprises create a unified CoE for Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and emerging technologies. The data and AI expertise Axis Group provide are critical for the identification and development of Intelligent Automation opportunities for our customers.


The power of analytics will not simply be augmented by Robotic Process Automation, but compounded together these technologies will impact the pace and value of enterprises' Digital Transformation journeys. To learn more, schedule a FREE discovery session with Axis Group here!