8 New ThoughtSpot Features Announced at Beyond 2022

Coming soonAt Beyond 2022, ThoughtSpot unveiled an exciting roadmap. They discussed features like custom SQL, improved visuals, and a bring-your-own-chart capability that may enable customers to replace existing pixel-perfect dashboarding tools.  

Here are 8 more ThoughtSpot features heading our way in the coming months. 

  1. Liveboard Tabs: This long-awaited feature allows developers to have multiple tabs within a Liveboard. 
    Impact – Tabs enable more flexibility for guided analytics and organization.
  2. App Actions: This feature brings some of the power of embedded ThoughtSpot back to the main product. Allowing customizable actions based on user interaction.
    Impact – The biggest impact will be action filters. Allowing a user to select filters for a pinboard directly from a chart. 
  3. Custom SQL Views: SQL can be leveraged directly within ThoughtSpot to create custom views as a data source.
    Impact – Custom SQL will enable rapid prototyping for super users 
  4. DBT integration: Enables ThoughtSpot to leverage dbt objects and custom SQL capabilities.
    Impact – DBT is another impressive tool in the modern data stack. This integration enables a quick method for rolling out content to users via automated worksheet creation using DBT Models.
  5. Spot App Wizard: This wizard supports single-package migration as well as full-solution delivery at the click of a button for a unified data source (such as: SAP, Jira, etc.).
    Impact – This feature streamlines migrations by enabling single-click full-solution delivery for common use cases, which saves time and reduces risk. 
  6. Git Integration: This integration will provide version control in ThoughtSpot.
    Impact – Centrally managed and maintained deployments plus version control help enterprise customers optimize their environments, reduce overall risk, and improve service levels. 
  7. Required Filters: Liveboard visualizations will not load unless a specified filter is selected.
    Impact – Complex charts, specifically pivot tables, timeout when a full data set is loaded. Plus, visualizations are hard to read with more than 10 lines. This could provide users another cost savings from a query perspective. 
  8. Slack & Teams Integration: Alerts and schedules can trigger sending a visualization or Liveboard to a Slack or Teams channel.
    Impact – This speeds time-to-action by delivering information and insights directly to affected people via Slack or Teams. 

Why Axis Group Is Excited… 

At Axis Group, we start with best of breed and best-fit technologies for our customers, and these new features take ThoughtSpot to a whole new level for delivering top-notch analytics.  

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Patrick BullPatrick Bull is a Senior Solutions Consultant who holds ThoughtSpot Architect, Data Expert, and Professional certifications. He spearheads Axis Group’s ThoughtSpot enablement practice. In addition, Patrick is experienced in data modeling, designing ETL processes, building custom report designs as well as optimizing data and analytics application performance.