Improving your organization through data isn't accidental. It takes planning, thought, and intentional action.
Although many organizations attempt a data project, they often forget to align the project with what matters most to the business. That is where strategy comes in.


Know where your data can serve your business best.

By knowing which questions to ask, businesses are able to find operational inefficiencies, respond quickly to new market trends, and track key performance indicators across the organization.

Data Capability

Take inventory of your current data assets.

Assess the quality of data captured and how well it is maintained over time. Determine the best way to integrate your data pieces into a more valuable data set.

Business & Data
Solution Alignment

Align your data projects to truly serve your business needs.

Data solutions are often written by technologists who focus on the data rather than the actual business and business users. Typically, the end result is frustration and a solution with little to no adoption.

Results in 8 - 12 weeks

Results in 8 - 12 weeks

Customers who use Axis Group for strategy and execution of projects see tangible results in 8-12 weeks.



Our delivery team specializes in the design and execution of BI solutions across multiple industries.

Our clients appreciate our fast turn-around times and high adoption rates, which are due to the BI-specific experience of our team members and our streamlined methodology.

Rapid BI
Application Design
& Development

As a specialist in BI application solutions, we have a repeatable methodology for designing and delivering quality applications with extremely high adoption rate in a short period of time.

We are able to show our clients tangible results in 8-12 weeks, where typical BI projects take 6-12 months.


When users adopt a successful BI project, they can quickly see the value and request changes or feature enhancements.

In these cases, Axis Group can come in and execute field change requests, helping to reduce backlog, freeing up IT resources for other critical projects.

BI Project

It is more common than most companies realize for BI projects to run off course. Resources may be learning data technologies on the project slowing down the timeline, or they may get pulled away based on changing priorities.

Axis Group helps companies with stalled BI projects to get them over the finish line quickly.

Axis Group - Development


Not every organization wants to or has enough resources to support and maintain the underlying infrastructure of their data applications.

At Axis Group, we offer hosting, support and maintenance so you can leverage your data, without the added hassle.

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With the rise of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies, we believe you should have a say in your hosting provider.

That is why we help companies host their BI applications on Amazon Web Services, Azure and on the Axis Private Cloud.


Our managed services are designed to keep your infrastructure running.

We help our clients with 24×7 Alerting & Monitoring plus Triage for 50+ failure modes, user administration, license management, software updates, configuration management and performance & utilization reporting.


Once in production, your application may need future modifications, platform upgrades, or issue troubleshooting.

Axis Group offers outsourced application support so you can focus your internal resources on other priority tasks that may be more appealing to them than support.

Axis Group - Operations

Axis Group offers end-to-end solutions for organizations who want to win at business using the power of their data.