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A few highlights of our work with custom visualizations and guided analytics

Tracking Covid-19

Tracking Covid-19 is a data visualization story providing daily updates on the number of confirmed cases and deaths related to the virus in the United States. In the story, you can view a timeline of the virus' growth, understand the larger impact based on excess mortality rates in each state, and learn how virus' spread in a pandemic using our model simulator.
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There is No Planet 'B'

Axis Group won 1st Place in the 2019 Qonnections Hack Challenge. Analysis of historical data for the challenge helped to visualize the impact of past activity, but we also needed to help solve this problem in the future. This goal inspired our Meeting Location Calculator, which organizers use to map out efficient meeting locations based on number of travelers with an option to contribute toward funds to offset emissions.
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Wheel of Churn

This example displays a result from a predictive model in a creative and impactful way. Each line represents a prediction rule, showing both the factors and probability of the rule. Ultimately, this visualization helps users navigate a complex rule set quickly and intuitively.
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City of Boston Emissions

This is a visualization of data gathered by the BERDO ordinance passed in Boston in 2013, requiring large buildings to report annual energy and water use to the City. Use the custom visualizations in the app to identify which buildings and properties are meeting their emission reduction targets and see the broader trends that emerge in building performance over time.
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Across Borders

Across Borders is a visualization of refugee data from UNHCR. Explore the app to find out more about where people are coming and going, how they are being accepted around the world, and what events are contributing to this migration.
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Flight Map

Explore 6,000+ airports and 60,000+ flight routes from a 2014 open flight data set. This demo combines Qlik’s Associative Engine with the mapping power of Mapbox GL to render a high volume interactive data set in the browser.
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Visualizations & Extensions

D3 Visualization Library | View demo →
Interactive Forecasting | View demo →
Scorecard | View demo →
Loan Officer Performance | View demo →

DRC Conflicts

A Qlik Sense application with data about conflicts in the Democratic Republic of Congo is combined with custom web visualizations to help the United Nations gain more insights. This application was the winner of the Qonnections 2017 Hackathon.
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