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About Us

Moving the Needle with Analytics

With over twenty years of experience, Axis Group has delivered thousands of business intelligence solutions to satisfied Global 1000 and mid-market industries as well as government organizations.

Our goal is to make a positive impact on the world by helping people at all levels solve their biggest problems with data-led solutions.

What makes Axis stand out from other BI firms is that we help organizations move the needle by visualizing data in a way that easily fosters insights and drives key decisions. Most in-house BI teams and external BI vendors, on the other hand, are short-sighted. They focus on the technology and implementing the tool rather than understanding who the tool is for, and the problem the tool is intended to solve.

A BI tool by itself can not optimize your business or solve world problems. But a team of people who know how to ask the right questions can.

One reason for our repeated success is our project life-cycle methodology.  We combine business, data, industry-specific experience and technical excellence, with expertise in the leading data technologies to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations.

Our Core Ideology


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We continually learn and are naturally curious about business, industries, technology, and the world in general. This enables us to grow our abilities and architect creative solutions that help ourselves and our clients progress into the future.



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We begin with the end in mind. We work to understand the challenges and opportunities at hand before we design and build a solution. We are analytical and objective in our work.


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We are ambitious and hardworking. We excel at adapting to various situations and we will find-a-way to be successful. We also strive for the proper balance between our clients, our company, and our personal lives so that we can contribute in all areas sustainably.


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We are respectful and trustworthy, and exhibit candor and courage with our clients and each other. We expect our colleagues to be reliable and we are conscientious of our clients’ and our colleagues’ time, energy, priorities, and emotions.


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We believe there is value in having a variety of types of individuals with unique interests and unique ways of thinking on our teams and in our company. We are at our best when we collaborate and support one another as individuals who are part of the greater Axis team.

Our Capabilities

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