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Accelerated Supply Chain Demand Planning

Major Electronics Manufacturer

A global manufacturer of consumer electronics with a highly intricate, global supply chain of internal and external component suppliers, faced considerable data availability, speed and accuracy challenges to understand what they can build out of their inventory of parts, consisting of more than 50,000 possible combinations of components and subassemblies.


global supply chain


This manufacturer found that getting the data into one place was very time-consuming and cumbersome. It was taking weeks just to get a data snapshot for complicated analyses. In addition, they were constrained by their ERP’s data-handling limitations. Performing analyses on data manually exported to Excel created bottlenecks, increased risk exposure, and opened opportunities for error in the overall process.



Axis Group consultants evaluated the target goals and outlined a clear plan to deliver value and propel the business forward through: 

  • One Source of Supply Chain Truth
    Data is now readily accessible in a single, business-friendly Qlik “Demand Cube” BI application

  • Fresher Data and Faster Analyses
    Data is now available daily versus quarterly, which is a dramatic lift in freshness

  • Speed to Supply Chain Insights
    Analyses that used to take a day to do can now be done in a few minutes. In addition, complex analyses that used to take 2-3 weeks can now be done (and redone to ensure accuracy) in a few hours.



 Greater Trust in the Data

“There’s now more trust in the data and the results we deliver – the solution has positively changed how we answer questions for the business.”

More Confidence

“We now have more confidence from executives, procurement and the plants.”

More Demand

“Our success is sort of a curse because we now have others (in other departments) asking us for data because our data is now so good.”

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