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New Supplier Scorecard Empowers Procurement Organization

Global Consumer Electronics Manufacturer

The Procurement team at a global consumer electronics manufacturer had a very inefficient process for monitoring and evaluating Suppliers that was heavily reliant on content from their ERP platform that was poorly suited to their business requirements. These gaps created issues in the Procurement supplier monitoring process.
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This manufacturer found that their Procurement team did not have the right data in their scorecard, which created manual work and analyses in Excel. In addition, effective communications with Suppliers became impaired due to manual reporting and slow report delivery. They knew they needed a better and more modern scorecard, but they lacked a vision for its design.


Axis Group consultants interviewed the business leaders to understand their requirements and identified the gaps in the legacy scorecard to design an optimal solution:

  • Modern Vision
    Axis Group User Experience designers and consultants gathered requirements and created a future-forward scorecard design.

  • New Scorecard Address Business Requirements
    New Supplier Scorecard BI application brought together and presented the right data and analytics and dramatically reduced manual processes and reliance on Excel.

  • New Foundations for Procurement Success
    The new Supplier Scorecard is a big success and can be updated as business needs evolve, automating reporting and related processes.


Better Data Means More Leverage

“We’re now able to distribute scorecards to give leverage over suppliers where we didn’t have it before, and thus more effectively manage our supplier base.

Better Analytics Means Better Teamwork

“We basically went from nothing in terms of teamwork, to a very cross-functional team able to see and drive impactful results.”


Positioned for Future Success

With the future-proof foundations and modern approach, they anticipate greater self-service and cost savings. In addition, RPA (Robotic Process Automation) will soon automate transactional data related to this new application, speedy time-to-value even more.

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