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Financial Services Company Embraces Data Literacy at Scale for Competitive Advantage

Global FinTech Company Invests in Getting Everyone Smarter through Data Literacy at Scale

A global provider of financial products with a highly matrixed and siloed organization had an urgent need for Data Literacy upskilling to help relieve overloaded data and analytics subject matter experts at their company. The leaders of the company recognized that improving Data Literacy could improve self-service but were unclear about where and how to begin.
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As a financial services and solutions company, they faced the additional complicating factors of global regulatory, privacy and compliance requirements on top of a complex set of offerings. This made scaling Data Literacy across the organization seem to be an insurmountable challenge. Without a clear roadmap, the organization’s Data Literacy initiative found itself at an impasse, lacking direction, excitement and a clear path forward. In addition, effective communications with Suppliers became impaired due to manual reporting and slow report delivery. They knew they needed a better and more modern scorecard, but they lacked the depth of experience to create a solution, which is where Axis Group came in.


Axis Group Data Literacy experts assessed the company and created a solution for this FinTech including:

  • A New Foundation and Vision for a Scalable Data Literacy Operating Model
    Axis Group delivered a new federated model, centralized around a new well-designed digital portal, instilled clarity as well as structure for learners and leaders alike​.

  • New Learning Personas, Learning Paths, and Reimagined Courses
    Armed with a persona-based array of Data Learning journey maps, tuned for an envisioned future-state including a mix of virtual and on-demand courses tailored for ease of use, they put the training into the hands of the end users.

  • A Scalable Roadmap, Optimized with Analytics
    Axis Group filled their Data Literacy content gaps and created a new taxonomy and path for learning and development​. With a new blended model of OKRs, goals and engagement analytics following a well-received pilot, excitement about the program grew and set the stage for ongoing, measurable success.


A Groundswell of Data Literacy Interest Where None Existed Before 

“The perception of Data Literacy across the organization wasn’t well-known, but now it is, at all levels! It’s brilliant!”







Driving Alignment across the Organization

“The centralized portal is already helping to reduce silos… people are more aligned and working together more with data. ”

 "Previously there were bits of training here and there. The concept of a centralized hub model was new to us.”






 The Road Ahead

Armed with a clear roadmap and the results of the pilot phase, this fintech is on it's way to effectively scaling Data Literacy across the organization. Key points in their journey helped to cement ongoing success:

  • Early time and cost savings seen in the pilot phase, as well as from the new portal, created excitement and are now setting the stage for future Data Literacy investments.
  • A new cadence of global Data Literacy awareness communications is expected to drive even more upskilling and self-service.
  • The combination of new Data Literacy capabilities and communications is also expected to free up more time for data and analytics subject matter experts to focus on innovation.

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