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Data Literacy

Prominent Fast Food
Chicken Restaurant

This major chicken sandwich restaurant serves communities across the country with more than 2,400 restaurants. As an innovator in the industry, this restaurant is well regarded for it’s design and style, as well as for it’s food and compelling promotions. 



While the organization had an impressive catalog of analytics capabilities and initiatives, it faced challenges when trying to scale education and enable its workforce to become data literate. It was clear that a one-size-fits-all approach was not appropriate. How could this organization address its data literacy needs in a scalable way relevant to all of its employees?


Upon conducting in-depth interviews, Axis Group discovered and documented the emergent personas and persona groups that spanned the organization's roles and functions. For each persona group, we designed custom learning paths to address contextual needs and objectives with the clear focus on enabling the larger organization and driving data literacy.




Compelling learning journey map delivered to the company that scaled to reach all employees no matter their role or level across the organization.


Extended organization-wide digital transformation initiatives and delivered a culturally-aligned communication and rollout strategy.



Assessed data literacy maturity and identified persona groups to be targeted in rollout plan.


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