Pipeline Management

Your sales pipeline is your systematic and visual approach to selling your product or service. With Axis analytics and data insight we can enable you to see exactly where your money is in your sales process.  With increased analytics, you’ll be better able to understand at which stage any deal is, whether you have enough deals on the board to achieve your goals and quota, and understand which deals need special attention.

Prospecting & Lead Scoring

Advanced analytics is crucial to lead scoring.  Lead scoring is used to rank prospects against a scale that represents the perceived value that each lead represents to the organization.  When a lead scoring model is effective, the key benefits are:

  • Increased Sales Efficiency and Effectiveness:  With better insight into lead scoring, you can focus your attention on leads that your organization deems most valuable, ensuring that leads that are unqualified are not sent to sales for engagement.
  • Increased Marketing Effectiveness:  A lead scoring model with deep data insight quantifies what types of leads matter most to your organization and which leads help your company more effectively target your inbound and outbound programs to deliver more high-quality leads.
  • Tighter Marketing and Sales Alignment:  Proper lead scoring helps strengthen the relationship between marketing and sales by establishing a common language with which marketing and sales leaders can discuss the quality and quantity of leads generated.
  • Increase in Revenue: Effective lead scoring ensures that your sales’ team targets leads that are qualified.  The probability of leads with higher scores closing, is much higher than those with lower scores, which contributes to a growth in your organizations revenue.

Spend Analytics

At Axis, we can help you to implement a scalable, repeatable methodology to be sure your company is sourcing appropriately, both in price and timing. Our clients have seen major reductions in excess materials and true cost percentage savings through data-led negotiations.

Customer Profiling and Clustering

Customer profiles are generated to represent the typical users of a product or service, and are used to help your project team make customer centered decisions without confusing the scope of the project with personal opinion.

At Axis, we improve cluster analysis through predictive analytics to help your organization discover groups of similar customers based on the smallest variations among customers within each group.

Through proper cluster analysis, you can accurately segment customers to achieve more effective customer marketing, by using the information to target customers with offers and incentives personalized to their wants, needs, and preferences.

Driving Savings with Analytics

Identifying, tracking and categorizing spend has a direct financial impact on your business.  To recognize these benefits, you need to couple data with a sourcing strategy. Axis Group has worked with many firms to refine their business process with actual data to help them achieve this financial impact.