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Download The Axis Group Reload Time Analyzer

The Reload Time Analyzer from Axis Group is a Qlik Sense application that parses a reload log to identify what sections are taking longest to run and thus are the best targets for optimization.

Questions this application answers:

  • Which specific reload steps are taking a long time?
  • What work is happening during the slowest steps? ex., SQL select, QVD load, field indexing.
  • Is any time being spent on non-value-add activity? ex., mapping tables that aren't being used, search indexing of concatenated keys.

See the What to Look for sheet for more information about what actions you might take based on the insights in this application.


Instructions to configure

  • To analyze a specific log file, set the variable path_LogFile to the full folder connection, file path, and name of a specific log file.
  • To analyze the latest reload log of a specific application on a server, set the variable v_QlikAppID to the GUID of the target application.

These instructions and the associated variables are also on the Configuration tab of the application load script.

Get The Reload Time Analyzer

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