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Celebrating 25 Years Bold Black-1

Since Day One, Axis Group Has Helped Companies Realize Value from Data through Analytics 

Al in 2000

Where It All Began

After graduating college in 1985, Albert Hughes landed his first job in Moonachie, New Jersey working for a company now called NBS Technologies. As a systems engineer, he traveled all over the country setting up systems for companies across a variety of industries including banks and hospitals. Eventually, Al left that role for a job at Booz Allen and Hamilton where he supported new technologies and delivered new solutions to his customers. Al then moved on to Eicon Technology where he worked in the forefront of computer communications and the precursor of the internet. While he gained valuable experience and expanded his professional network, he also noticed something at every customer site he worked at: Every company needed to extract better insights from their data and it seemed as if every company was looking for reporting solutions and better technologies.

Al, Ranjan & Scott

Tapping  Potential

Meanwhile, while at Eicon, Al helped his college friend Ranjan Sinha's company, Strategic Network Designs (SND), move into the wide area of network solutions and consulting. Al subsequently left Eicon and joined SND as a partner. After making the decision to leave SND in early 1996, Al needed to figure out what was next for him. As an expert problem-solver, Al had mastered Actuate, a reporting technology, and implemented it for several customers, but he was faced with a dilemma – to continue to work independently delivering services by day and running his business by night or to grow his business and form a new consulting group. By the summer of 1996, he made his decision, and the rest is history!

Axis Logo-1-1

Turning on Our Axis

Al knew he wanted the company name to begin with the letter A. It was important to be at the top of the list in any directory or search. The name “Axis” means the point at which one can change direction, or the point from which one can pivot. From the inception of the company, the Axis Group mission has been to enable companies to pivot towards new directions by leveraging information and utilizing Axis Group solutions and products. Over the course of twenty-five years, we are proud to have proved out our name, and to have never strayed from our core mission.

The Early Days


During the early days of the company, Al was also working for The Worldwide Exchange, a multi-tiered marketplace, which allowed users to specify product details that customers could then filter and sort in order to find what they were looking for. While that model may sound familiar (eBay, anyone? Amazon?), it was so radically different and untested that companies like AOL passed on it.

Meanwhile, Al took on his first client as CEO of Axis Group. It was a business and consumer services provider who had issues getting new reports developed, so Al sold them Actuate Software and implemented the software for the company. After that implementation, Al hired subcontractors and trained them on the software, which allowed Al to take on additional customers.

As business demand grew, Al tapped his colleague Ranjan to help expand the Axis Group. Always on the look-out for grade-A talent, Al met a new developer at a customer site that he had traveled to Atlanta to train: Scott Reedy. Al knew this was someone he wanted to remain in contact with. As the workload at Axis Group continued to grow, Al hired Scott in 1998 as the first official Axis Group employee, sending Scott to Hawaii on his first day of work to support a new customer. Twenty-three years later, Scott serves as Axis Group’s Executive Vice President of Consulting. A few years after Scott joined the company, Ranjan officially joined Axis Group, and today Ranjan serves as the company’s President.

The Axis Group Mission 

Axis Group was founded with a clear goal: to enable companies to change directions by leveraging data and information by utilizing the solutions and products we provide. Over the course of twenty-five years, we have seen a lot of changes in technology and in our world – from Y2K to the introduction and proliferation of cell phones to client/server architectures to the cloud to a global pandemic. Still, the one constant for Axis Group remains our core mission to use data and analytics to help companies grow, innovate, and excel. To that end, technology partners have been essential. We have been premier partners for leading data visualization, data science, data management and data governance technologies such as Qlik, ThoughtSpot, StreamSets, Snowflake, and many others, and have been named Partner of the Year by many of them because we invest in training our consultants to the highest levels so they can be the best in the field serving our customers.

Our expertise reaches into other areas, too. With data literacy becoming critical for organizations everywhere, Axis Group created and delivered scalable Enterprise Data Literacy and Digital Transformation programs that have been implemented at Fortune 500 companies.

Recognized by Inc. eleven times as one of the fastest growing small companies, Axis Group continues to flourish. We remain focused on delivering data and analytics solutions that deliver results. Through new partnerships and new service offerings, we continue to enable customers to achieve better business outcomes.

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Al's Advice

Al certainly knows a thing or two about running a successful business. So, when asked for his best business advice, his thoughts turn to his employees: “In business you must wear a lot of hats, but often it’s better to let others wear the hat. And be sure to take time for your family; they will remember.”

What’s Next for Axis Group?

With strong leaders like Al, Ranjan, and Scott, who focus on finding and developing the best people with the right skills needed to solve customer problems, we know we’re on the right track for whatever the future holds.

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