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Machine Learning & Automation

Moving from descriptive to prescriptive and advanced analytics is often a black box for companies. Increasingly, companies are realizing the potential but failing to realize the expected benefit. 

We think AI/ML/Automation initiatives need a fresh approach - one focused on transparency and tangible business outcomes. See how Axis Group can help you remove the black box and open up new possibilities with your data. 

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Why We're Different

1) Transparency and Alignment
From leadership to data scientists, everyone must be aligned throughout the entire process in order to build trust and, ultimately, realize the value in the solution.  

2) Technical and Business Acumen
Our team marries industry-leading technical skills with business acumen to create tailored models and solutions that work for your business. 

3) Built to be Operationalized
Advanced analytics Initiatives often fall into the "POC Graveyard". Our end-to-end methodology ensures solutions will make it past the finish line.

4) Strategy for Iteration
These solutions are never "done" - we work with you to create a plan to continually train and adapt your models to incorporate new findings and changes as needs evolve.


Advanced analytics can be intimidating without a proven methodology to ensure success. Our end-to-end approach allows all stakeholders to understand the problem and what's happening each step of the way. 


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We work with the best technologies and frameworks to solve your unique challenges

We lead our customers on the journey from the chaos of the analytically impaired to the foresight of the analytically empowered with results that are actionable, impactful and most importantly, understandable. 

We have helped dozens of organizations get the most out of their data and make meaningful impact across the entire value chain.

Learn how we helped a Fortune 500 retail company optimize their pricing strategy using advanced analytics.

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Machine Learning & Automation Services Catalog

AI & Machine Learning Development Services

Our cross-functional teams work with your organization to correctly frame the problem and build production-ready models and solutions using industry leading technologies and methodologies.  

An AI Researcher's Exploration of 200 Machine Learning Tools

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Machine Learning & Automation Foundations

Companies often lack a cohesive strategy and foundation to scale their advanced analytics capabilities. We partner with leadership and key stakeholders to customize and implement a comprehensive advanced analytics operating model for your entire organization, including our proprietary frameworks and best practices. 

Become a Cloud Foundry Member Today | Cloud Foundry

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Automation Development Services

Automation provides tremendous opportunity for cost savings and lowering risk for organizations. We help organizations identify the areas of highest potential impact and build scalable automation solutions to immediately impact the bottom line.

How Do Banks Benefit From Robotic Process Automation (RPA)? | ProcessMaker

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