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BI Integration Services

The days of consolidated systems are over. The industry has moved to best of breed technologies and this requires a deep understanding of how to piece together the moving parts.  

Axis Group's BI integration services allow your systems to operate seamlessly in a cohesive ecosystem. 

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Why We're Different

1) Technical Expertise
From authentication & authorization to APIs and cloud integrations, our engineers have the breadth of expertise needed to build and optimize your integrated ecosystem.

2) Optimize Performance
Simply functional integrations are not enough to meet today's demand for scale and speed. Performance must be top of mind and every solution we build is optimized for performance from the beginning. 

Security Built for Self-Service
Security for analytics must be designed to enable self-service for all of the user personas in the organization. In addition to leading with industry standards, we bring years of analytics-specific expertise in building security integrations that enable the self-service capabilities with analytics. 

Ways We Help Our Customers

Our BI integration services cover a vast array of technologies and areas of focus. Our main objective is to meet you where you are and solve your most pressing challenges to ensure platform stability and cohesion.

Our Expertise

Assessment and Advisory, Design, Sizing, Cloud Hybridization, Cloud Economics 

Data Movement, Velocity Profiling, Orchestration 

Identity Management
Integration for AD, ADSF, SAML2.0, OKTA, and more 

Design & Architecture, Assessment and Advisory  

Performance, Scalability, Integration, Diagnostic 


We work with the best technologies and bring our own custom frameworks to solve your unique challenges.

We lead our customers on the journey from the chaos of the analytically impaired to the foresight of the analytically empowered with results that are actionable, impactful and most importantly, understandable. 

We have helped dozens of organizations get the most out of their data and make meaningful impact across the entire value chain.

Learn how we helped a leading manufacturing organization architect and develop a modern data architecture and platform to meet ever-accelerating business demands


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Integration Services Catalog

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Engineering & Networking Services

Our team of engineers work with you to understand your goals, design your optimal platform architecture, and execute alongside your team. 

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Security &
Integration Services

We help companies glue together the moving parts needed for a successful analytics ecosystem with SMEs across the industry's leading technologies and frameworks.

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