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Data Strategy & Management

Data Strategy & Management are the underpinnings for success with data & analytics at scale. Everyone must have timely access to data and trust in its accuracy.  

Axis Group helps organizations navigate the complex and ever-changing technical landscape to glue together these moving parts in a cohesive strategy that meets your unique needs. 

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Why We're Different

1) Modern Approach 
What worked 10 years ago will not work for the problems of tomorrow. Our consultants bring industry-leading expertise on the latest trends and technologies to ensure you can meet increasing and evolving business demands. 

2) Use-Case Driven 
Companies can fall into the trap of organizing "any and all data" with the thought it may one day be useful. We take a use-case driven approach to ensure the work being done solves actual business problems. 

No "One-Size Fits All"
We strongly believe that balancing complexity with maintainability looks different for each company and depends on the business needs as well as your availability to support and enhance into the future. We work with you to define that balance and build with it in mind. 


Data management should be informed by a data strategy. Both should be informed by the goals of the business. We work with you to align your data strategy, and subsequent data management initiatives, to the organization's goals.  

We begin by performing a series of workshops where we focus on four main pillars: 

  1. Interviews with technical and business stakeholders to understand goals, identify specific pain points, and highest priority areas for impact 
  2. Deep dive of your current technical landscape and corresponding skillsets and capabilities 
  3. Develop future state data & analytics strategy, focusing on modern data architecture as well as organizational structure to support business goals as well as the technical architecture 
  4. Build & execute tactical roadmap in partnership with your team, balancing short term wins with long-term success 

 We then follow a consistent methodology to delivering on data management initiatives, whether that be designing and developing a data warehouse or building a real-time data pipeline to enable high impact business use cases, to everything in between. Our methodology places an emphasis on technical and business stakeholders working together through the entire lifecycle to ensure the solutions being built reach their desired outcome.


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We work with the best technologies and bring our own custom frameworks to solve your unique challenges.

We lead our customers on the journey from the chaos of the analytically impaired to the foresight of the analytically empowered with results that are actionable, impactful and most importantly, understandable. 

We have helped dozens of organizations get the most out of their data and make meaningful impact across the entire value chain.

Learn how we helped a leading manufacturing organization architect and develop a modern data architecture and platform to meet ever-accelerating business demands.


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Data Management Services Catalog

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Data Engineering Services

Our team of data engineers work with industry-leading technologies to deliver solutions across the DataOps lifecycle, from data ingestion to real-time data pipelines. 

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Data Management Services

We bring over 20 years of data management experience to helping your team build data management solutions that enable your most important business use cases. 

Data Management Strategy & Consulting - Improve Data Quality | Blast

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Data Strategy
Consulting & Advisory

The Data Strategy Consulting offerings lays the strategic groundwork for your modern data architecture as well as the people and skillsets required to operate it for long-term success. 

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Data Platform & Architecture Foundations

Beginning with an assessment phase, we create customized best practices, frameworks, and an initial implementation of a modern data platform and architecture  designed to meet your unique business needs.

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Data Platform & Architecture Migrations

We help you leverage the best of the ever-evolving technical landscape by providing the expertise necessary to move from legacy implementations to a modern data platform and architecture.

Everything you need to know about Platform Migration - NewGenApps

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