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Business Intelligence Services

Analytics solutions are often built in a vacuum, wasting potential value. Only business stakeholders and analytics teams collaborating through the entire journey creates business impact.
Our unique approach to building analytics solutions bridges this gap, enabling you to turn data into insights, and insights into action.
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Why We're Different

1) Alignment of Stakeholders
Every engagement involves representatives from both the business and technical teams from day one.

2) Scalable Foundation
We bring over 20 years of best practices and frameworks to set you up for long-term success.

3) User-Centric Design
Each solution is built with an emphasis on how users will interact and use the solution in their day-to-day workflows.

4) Priority on Outcomes
We ensure that solutions achieve their desired business outcomes through consistent iteration with stakeholders.



We take a three-phase approach to building solutions, partnering with your team every step of the way. 

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Diverge + Decide 
Prototype + Validate 

Phase One - Research 

The first phase is focused on collecting all the information necessary to design an effective and impactful solution. It involves three different areas of focus: understanding business processes, understanding users’ needs, and understanding data availability. 

Typical steps we take in this phase: 

  1. Research Hypothesis 
  2. Business Process Deep Dive  
  3. Stakeholder/Sponsor Interview 
  4. User Interview 

 We synthesize and organize the information collected in the Understand phase through various methods depending on your needs such as Persona Cards, Task Analysis, and Business Process Mapping. 


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Phase Two - Ideate 

The team brainstorms as many ideas as possible, from different perspectives and approaches, with different levels of complexity and feasibility. As we iterate, we continue to drill into the most impactful options.  

Next, we take all of the ideas/concepts generated in the Diverge phase and hone in on specific concepts that will be incorporated in the prototype.  

We evaluate the concepts based on the value they add, the effort to develop, attributes of personas, and feedback from users and stakeholders. 


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Phase Three - Evaluate

Finally, we build prototypes that illustrate how the final product works. To ensure feasibility, members of our cross-functional team research the data availability and quality throughout this process.  

Different visualizations in our prototypes are mapped to the identified data elements to facilitate implementation.

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Business Intelligence Services Catalog

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Dashboard & Report Development

Our cross-functional teams collaborate with business and technical stakeholders to design and develop effective self-service BI solutions. We work with all of the major BI tools and use our proven Agile frameworks and processes to quickly alleviate your backlog.

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BI Platform
Migration Services

BI modernization and consolidation are at the top of many organization's Digital Transformation initiatives. We have helped  customers migrate to and from various BI platforms including Qlik, Power BI, Tableau, and ThoughtSpot from legacy systems, both on-premises and in the cloud.

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Visualization &
Guided Analytics

Whether an externally-facing data product or an internal guided analytics application, our team helps build customized solutions using the latest web technologies and analytics tools to create uniquely tailored experiences for your organization's needs.

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Business Intelligence Foundations

We help organizations develop a structured and repeatable analytics methodology. The Foundations program begins with a series of workshops, involving both business and IT participants, to develop the roadmap for the organization’s analytics capabilities. The goal is to identify current pain points in analytics as well as opportunities for improvement, and provide a model for how the capabilities will be structured within the organization from technical development teams to end users. Latest AE Wheel (2)

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