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External pressures to control costs and promote quality. New payment models. Internal pressure to use analytics to leverage the enormous investment in EMRs. The demand will only grow for analytics.

Whether you need help to get the most out of your analytics investment or are beginning a new journey, we can help you build a program to meet demand and solve your key business problems.

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Data FOundation

01 / Data Foundation

No matter what your future holds--predictive analytics, artificial intelligence--you will need a strong data foundation to meet demand.

We can help you build, implement, and govern with the right data foundation.

Design Process

02 / Driving Adoption

Adoption drives results. Adoption requires simplicity and trust.

We leverage strong user-experience design principles to ensure analytics applications are actionable and tightly aligned with business objectives.

Our design method conducts detailed interviews aimed at understanding users’ goals, creating role-based user profiles and prototyping to enable a rapid user driven feedback process.

Development Viz

03 / Development

Users require robust, reliable apps that are professional and intuitive, delivered with superb time to value.

We have some of the best visualization designers and developers in the industry.

We can enable your team with our proprietary development framework--building programming skills, data modeling and other analytics best practice.


04 / Elevate Analytics

A successful analytics program requires advocacy and promotion unlike other technologies in healthcare.

We can provide data literacy education, project management, training and advisory to help you raise the profile of your analytics department.

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05 / Govern

Implementing an EMR was an enormous effort. Soon after, reporting demand skyrocketed and request queues exploded. You are in a constant game of catch-up.

We can help you better manage demand: clean up queues, gain visibility into information assets, redesign governance, optimize request processes and evaluate roles and competencies.


06 / Support

Your users need analytics to be fast and available.You need to free up your staff for other things.

We are able to support your team with remote administration, performance tuning and utilization reporting, application troubleshooting, and user administration.

Axis also offers hosted platforms powered by Axis Cloud, AWS and Azure.

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