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Modernize Your Data Architecture

Reduce Time-to-Insight

Modern Data Architecture (MDA) fills the gaps left by traditional data architecture so enterprises can reduce time-to-insight as their data scales and data consumer demands multiply.

An MDA approach is designed to make it as easy as possible for data analysts, developers, model builders and even robotic "digital workers" to get decision-quality data in whatever form helps them the most. But MDA is not a switch you flip or a thing you buy, and success is much less likely without careful planning.

Save Money, Reduce Friction

Investing in MDA is a complex undertaking that calls for new ways of working: new components, new capabilities, new skills, a new operating model and even a new mindset. If done well, there's a huge payoff to reducing friction between data producers and data consumers; if not, one may end up with slow performance, disappointed users, failed pipelines or runaway storage costs.

MDA ebook
You'll learn about the importance of:

  • Modern data capabilities, components and design patterns, such as orchestration, x-as-code, testing, metadata-driven development, composability and data drift
  • The shift to modern data principles and approaches, including how to focus on serving users, ways to maximize automation, and measure success
  • How DataOps helps, from picking the right operating model to using design thinking to enhance output to applying change management messages

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