What Story is Your Data Telling You?

Data-driven decision making is a cultural shift for most organizations. Too many companies still primarily rely on 'gut-based' intuition and snub the idea of leveraging data to support smart decisions. 

Axis Group helps companies navigate the world of Data Science through advisory services, rapid assessments and implementing predictive models.

Data Mining Rapid Assessment | Advisory Services | Self-Service BI + Data Science


To go from being data-impaired to using analytics as a competitive advantage, you need to know how to approach your business problems with data. Axis's Data Mining Rapid Assessment will provide you with: 

  • The Driving Factors Behind Your Business Problem
  • Fresh Insight for creative solutions
  • A predictive framework for decision making

Best of all, this assessment is FIXED COST and can be completed in about 2 weeks. 

 DMRA Timeline

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Analytics Maturity Curve


Improve your organizations analytics maturity with a Data Science Advisory Engagement. 

We lead our customers on the journey from the chaos of the analytically impaired to the foresight of the analytically empowered with results that are actionable, impactful and most importantly, understandable. 

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Axis Computer Dashboard


How do you get your Data Science investment to the front lines? Many companies struggle with implementing models into leading BI tools like Qlik, ThoughtSpot or Tableau. Let us help.

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