Moving from Intuition to Data Driven Decision Making

Data should be at the core of an organizations key decisions. Having poor access to data can be crippling to a company. Axis Group helps companies install the foundation for robust data delivery systems, starting with initial pipelines and architectures to tuning mature data lakes.

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Creating a solid data foundation is essential for enabling analytics and a data-driven culture across the enterprise. Axis Group's Strategic Assessment reviews your maturity across five (5) core pillars - Analytics, Organizational, Governance, Data Management, and Infrastructure - to identify your gaps and provide recommendations to improve.

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Struggling with data modeling, integration or building robust data pipelines for your data lake or warehouse? Unsure if you have the right model or architecture, let us help.

Our expert data team leverages the BEAM methodology for delivery of data warehousing and integration projects. This scalable framework delivers quick wins, which are critical for all data initiatives, by employing an agile and iterative approach. Axis Group's project experience and BEAM tenets allow for an intentional, guided process for user interviews, business logic synthesis, documentation, data pipeline building and final data model design for any data delivery system, regardless whether it is traditional or Hadoop.

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Garbage In, Garbage Out. Data quality and governance are critical components to establish data trust in an organization.

Many companies don't know where to start, let alone a plan to achieve data trust or data literacy. Axis Group has worked with both large and small organization to deliver tactical and/or strategic Data Governance programs. Let us start you on your journey.

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Big Data, Bigger Questions?

With 90% of the world's data created in the past two years, are you prepared to collect and leverage Big Data? What does Hadoop mean for you and your organization?

The Cloud is for EVERYONE. Are you taking advantage of the Cloud?

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Implementing a new business intelligence tool isn't just about installing the tool and conducting basic training. Enabling an organization to improve with analytics doesn't happen accidentally. Axis Group excels at helping organizations pick the right tool, design the right architecture, and provide a robust enablement plan to promote the right culture to spread and leverage analytics across the business. Axis Group has created fixed-cost offerings that are designed to get organizations off the ground and self-sufficient for Tableau and Qlik. If you need a little more guidance or need to augment your staff for a project or time-frame, look to Axis Group to assist.

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