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Stump the Axis Experts

by Marina James, on Sep 26, 2017 5:21:31 PM

We got good news! We are extending our competition until 12pm on Oct 5th. We will definitely have an answer to all individuals by 12pm on Oct 5th and we will announce our Amazon gift card winners shortly after!

Please join Axis Group on October 4th in Atlanta at the annual Qlik: Visualize Your World Tour. From 1:00 to 4:00pm, we will be having a contest to "Stump the Axis Experts". Tweet us a question @AxisGroup1 about Qlik, Data Visualization, Data Science or Data Management to be entered in a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card. We will have 1 hour to provide a response. If you stump us, you'll be entered in a SECOND drawing for another $100 Amazon gift card. Check back here and @AxisGroup1 to see questions and get answers.

Located in the Atlanta area and want to attend Visualize Your World, register here.


What write back functionality is available in QlikView?


A write back is not possible natively in QlikView, but a workaround is possible with extension objects or with macros.


It's #NationalTacoDay. Got any cool #qlik #dataviz for that?


Unfortunately, we don't have any #visualizations about tacos, but here is a great gif of Oprah giving away tacos. #stumped #NationalTacoDay



What causes CAL files to corrupt in QlikView?


CAL files can become corrupt from posting documents into the root folder (which is default for QlikView), random server restarts, accessing QlikView using older versions of ie plugin can technically cause instability, which could influence corruption if the server is having issues. There are also a large number of bugs resolved for PGO files, going up to about SR12, which resolved PGO corruption issues, which is what holds the cal info

None of these are an absolute guarantee though. CAL file corruption is hit or miss if it actually hits you. You can tell its corrupted by time stamps being extremely far off from each other, or Japanese looking characters in the names.


What is the best best approach to generate a clustered and stacked bar chart?


You can build an extension object using Qlik Sense’s new TreeData Structure for structuring the data and d3 for visualizing each data element on the structure into a rectangle.

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