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Are You Ready for GDPR Compliance?

by Marina James, on Feb 22, 2018 3:38:24 PM

Is your BI, Reporting & Analytics solution fully documented? Are you in control of data in your development and test BI, Reporting & Analytics environments? Do you have full traceability of all your data in your BI, Reporting & Analytics setup? Do you manage access control to your data in your BI, Reporting & Analytics setup and can you document this?

If you do not have an automated data management platform, the answer to the above questions is most likely no. If you answered yes without automation, it will be a very time-consuming task that must be expensive to maintain.

Watch our latest webinar here to learn how Axis Group and TimeXtender can help you become GDPR compliant.

What is GDPR?

GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation, it is intended to protect European Union citizens right to digital privacy. This regulation effects all organizations that process and store data about people in Europe and for non-compliance an organization can be audited or fined up to $20 million euros. Companies must be fully compliant by May 25, 2018.

How to be Compliant:

  • Keep documented proof that personal information is kept private.
  • What data do you hold
  • Where do you hold it
  • What is the data used for
  • Who has access to the data

How Axis Group and TimeXtender’s Discovery Hub® can Help:

  1. Planning

    Axis Group has led hundreds of projects to assist companies to become compliant. It is more than just technology, and our frameworks help you cover the basis. We will design the system and choose the right tools for each portion of the project.

  2. GDPR Architecture

    Once the process is mapped, Axis can help guide customer through the process and handle any technical hurdles.

  3. Automated Documentation

    TimeXtender automatically documents what data you hold and where you hold it

  4. Traceability

    Discovery Hub's® data lineage & impact analysis will help you answer the questions: where does my data come from, and where is it used?

  5. Security

    Answers the question: who has access to my data?

  6. Aggregation

    Retain full documentation and anonymize personally identifiable information(PII), while transforming data into actionable information

  7. Multiple Environments

    Whether in test, development or production your data is fully documented. You have full version control and full security and traceability.

Get Educated:

Learn more about GDPR here

Learn more about TimeXtender's Discovery Hub® here

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