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Using Predictive Analytics to Increase Student Retention

by Marina James, on Jun 18, 2018 11:18:05 AM

Student retention is near the top of every institution's agenda. Student attrition results in tens of thousands of dollars lost each year. A recent student from RPK Group found that, on average, better retention could lead to $1M in profit each year1.

Why is a focus on Student Retention Important? 

  • Government Funding Impact
    • At least 70% of states allocate funding partially based on student outcomes
  • Reduced Costs
    • More cost-effective to keep students than recruit new students
  • Changing Marketplace
    • Students come from increasingly complex backgrounds leading to balancing multiple priorities along their schooling i.e. Work, Family, Finances

Want to learn more about how Predictive Anayltics can help predict Student Retention?

Check out our webinar below.


1 https://edtechmagazine.com/higher/article/2017/07/better-retention-could-boost-annual-college-profits-1-million-study-finds

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