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Need to Move Fast in the Manufacturing Industry?

by Marina James, on Aug 13, 2018 4:53:48 PM

Manufacturing plants produce large volumes of data every hour of every day. This data can be used to analyze performance, identify problems, and make important business decisions. With the enormous scale of data collection, transforming long series of numbers into something meaningful is often difficult and time-consuming. In fact, business analysts, on average, spend 92% of their time preparing data for analysis and checking data quality, instead of actual analysis.1 Business intelligence (BI) solutions can be used for fast and easy visualization and analysis of data, greatly increasing the efficiency of analysts. TimeXtender is an exceptionally agile and easy-to-use BI tool, that is particularly useful in manufacturing environments.


TimeXtender emphasizes speed in preparing source data for analysis, while flexibly managing data for many different types of users. It can be used to analyze data as soon as it becomes available, allowing for near real-time analysis. Users can make fast, informed, data-driven decisions in response to changes in the manufacturing environment. It is especially useful in Sales & Operations Planning to ensure production meets demand, particularly when products are produced with customization.

TimeXtender centralizes many different data sources into a single system, which simplifies data gathering and reduces the number of queries to source systems. Users of this software do not have to perform complex queries to access data but can do so through the simple interface TimeXtender provides. TimeXtender is easy to use for business users and provides additional functionality for power users. Using automation, TimeXtender updates data for analysis regularly and as often as needed, so users don’t have to worry about maintaining the data. It can also flexibly adapt to changes in source systems and visualization tools (ex: Qlik, Tableau).

TimeXtender is a quick and agile data management software, which is exceptionally useful in manufacturing environments, where time is always of the essence. TimeXtender isn’t just a software tool. It is a means of transforming your organization to be data-driven.  

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Nicholas Rojvall is an Associate Solutions Consultant at Axis Group. He recently got his Bachelors degree from Rutgers University in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering. In his free time, Nicholas enjoys swimming, working out, kayaking and playing video games. 



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