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How My Boss’s Son’s Homework Illustrates the Value of Finding Information Fast

by rrodriguez, on Jul 10, 2013 11:30:44 AM

Recently everyone at the company I work for was brought together from all over the globe to meet face-to-face at a conference center and brainstorm ideas on how our company can provide better products and services to our customers. In addition, we discussed ways to become better at what we do by learning first-hand from the most successful people in our organization.

The event was truly a fun, worthwhile and valuable teambuilding experience. Numerous suggestions percolated from the teams and many ideas are moving through the idea pipeline to fruition as we speak. It made me very proud to be part of such a forward-thinking and knowledgeable technology organization.

There were numerous gifted speakers that were hand selected by our CEO because of their various areas of industry leading expertise. One of my talented colleagues, Speros Kokenes, is the 2013 QlikView Smart Visualization App Contest Winner. Speros shared expert insight into making data visualization more meaningful for our customers. Many other respected colleagues shared an assortment of creative, practical and innovative best practices and leading technology capabilities. We also watched multiple colleagues, including myself, receive acknowledgement for their years of service and dedication to the organization.

One of the key highlights for me was when my boss stepped up to the podium to share a personal experience with the entire company. He mentioned how he was spending quality time with his son when his son asked him about Quadratic Equations. He laughed and said it has been a while since he actually used Quadratic Equations. He quickly Googled Quadratic Equations on his Smartphone and within a couple of seconds had all the information he could ever imagine right at his fingertips. It was a beautiful thing.

He went on to say how we have evolved into a world that wants, and more importantly must have, fingertip access to the information we require right when we need it. Anything less would be completely unacceptable.

Imagine if you needed to Google critical information to make vital business decisions and Google was down for days or unavailable for weeks. Unacceptable! Nearly everyone reading this post would cry out and echo this opinion. It would simply be unacceptable to wait days or even weeks for access to critical information you need right now for crucial decision making.

So then, why is it acceptable to wait days, weeks or even in some cases months, for custom reports built for CA Clarity PPM? What’s more, to strain teams of developers to go back and rework these reports again and again every time another information request is made.

Why would a CEO or business leader of an organization today accept this preventable delay, significant added cost and ongoing negative impact on the overall profitability and well-being of their organization?

Executives in these CA Clarity organizations struggling with the CA Clarity never-ending report building cycle delay and overwhelming cost, need to simply understand there are very cost effective technology solutions available today that immediately can eliminate this significant unacceptable problem and its negative impact on the bottom line.

Next generation technologies like QlikView are allowing organizations to gain speed, flexibility and discovery in the way they access information. QlikView is a highly flexible framework that allows organizations to get results fast, and adapt even faster. Companies consistently report accomplishments that take 1/10th the time and 1/10th the cost.

For companies with CA Clarity that have had reporting challenges, Axis has developed COMPASS which leverages the power of QlikView and delivers information from Clarity, but also can combine information from financial systems, help desk systems, and other key information sources into a single view.  The end result is ‘integrated visibility’ that provides easy, flexible access to information across multiple source systems. The most powerful aspect of this is that the information is all connected together logically so that the relationships and ‘cause & effect’ of operational execution is self evident.

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