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Emcien and Axis Group Partner to Better Serve Businesses with Predictive Analytics

by Marina James, on Feb 1, 2018 4:45:45 PM

New Partnership Helps Businesses Adopt Prediction, Improve Outcomes, Drive Efficiency, and Accelerate Growth

ATLANTA, Georgia and BERKELEY HEIGHTS, New Jersey —January 29, 2018—Emcien® and Axis Group today announced a partnership to empower businesses with an easy-to-adopt predictive analytics technology that can improve outcomes across the enterprise, drive efficiency, and accelerate growth. Emcien’s predictive analytics software, EmcienPatterns™, will work behind-the-scenes to analyze each business’s data and provide predictions and explainable remedies inside the business’s own enterprise applications. Axis Group, with deep expertise helping enterprises become more data-driven with emerging technologies, will help businesses fold the new predictive analytics software seamlessly into their operations.

“Our customers want their data to add more value and be easier to leverage,” said Clint Strickland, Axis Group’s vice president of solutions and strategy. “This partnership with Emcien will bring together the most advanced predictive analytics software with expert technology consulting and implementation services. As a result, our customers will be able to adopt and leverage predictive analytics quickly, seeing immediate results in weeks, not months.”

“Not only do businesses want to extract maximum value from their data, they also want a team of trusted advisors to help them do it easily, quickly, and effectively,” said Andy Bashkin, Emcien’s vice president of sales. “EmcienPatterns is solving the real-world problems that prevent businesses from succeeding with prediction. And through this partnership, businesses will be able to implement and execute prediction flawlessly.

Together, Emcien and Axis Group will help businesses improve most any measurable business outcomes. For example, supply chain teams can use prediction to prevent and minimize equipment downtime and delayed deliveries. The partnership also presents a unique opportunity for sales and marketing teams to use prediction to perfect their lead scoring and customer segmentation efforts.

About Axis Group
Axis Group is the leader in optimizing businesses through data. From strategy to application implementation, support, and infrastructure, Axis Group develops fast, cross-platform solutions that reveal insights within your data and improve outcomes. For more information on Axis Group, visit www.axisgroup.com.

About Emcien
Emcien is predictive analytics for the real world. All businesses run into the same real-world problems when trying to leverage predictive analytics: knowing what the data is telling them to do, dirty data, and lack of data skills. Emcien solves these problems with automated machine learning software that provides explainable remedies with every prediction, accepts your dirty data, and learns and analyzes data by itself. With Emcien you can improve outcomes immediately and realize big gains in weeks, not months. Leading brands across trust Emcien to transform their supply chains, sales, operations, marketing, and beyond. To learn more, visit www.emcien.com.

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