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BI/DW and SaaS Stock Indexes

by Mike Steedle, on Feb 20, 2009 3:03:58 PM

Rick Sherman of the Data Doghouse has compiled Google spreadsheets tracking Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing- and Software as a Service-related stocks.  Perhaps not surprisingly, they are faring better than the market as a whole.

(If you're unfamiliar with the GoogleFinance functions, these spreadsheets actually refresh, unlike the ones on your desktop.)

I am not surprised for a few reasons.

  • Business Intelligence is frequently cited as the top technological initiative in organizations, regardless of ups and downs in the market
  • Well-run data warehousing implementations have high ROI and can help identify "found money"
  • Business Intelligence expedites decisionmaking and empowers decisionmakers to find their own answers, which are critical in a volatile market
  • SaaS is ostensibly a way to get BI for your company without adding significantly to your staff or spending money to train your existing staff on new technologies
  • Perhaps there is some even anticipation of stimulus money making its way to these companies in the IT-related initiatives (enormous stimulus visualization from the Washington Post here)

Nice work, Rick.

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