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Search and BI: A Look at Thoughtspot

by Marina James, on Nov 16, 2018 3:13:18 PM

Axis Group is proud to announce it’s Silver Sponsorship for Thoughtspot’s Beyond Conference taking place 11/13 – 11/15 in our nation’s capital, Washington DC.

Thoughtspot makes it easy for anyone to get answers from their data in seconds by simply searching without writing any complex queries or code. Through Thoughtspot’s powerful machine-learning recommendation engine, SpotIQ, users also get automated, actionable insights in seconds, discovering insights in the data that might not have even been uncovered.

Thoughtspot is built for the enterprise & Big Data. As data volumes grow and companies look to leverage data as a strategic advantage, the importance of being able to perform calculations on larger and larger data sets becomes paramount. Thoughtpot’s massively parallel processing engine allows users to search across billions of rows of data and obtain answers in an instant.

Below is a brief video of Thoughtspot’s powerful search in action:




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