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Come See Axis Group at DataOps Summit 2021

September 28-30, 2021

Join Axis Group at the virtual DataOps Summit

Click here to register for this free event and hear from Axis Group experts at these sessions and through live interactions at the Axis Group Booth!

Sept. 29, 9:30 AM Eastern
Planning for the Modern Data Platform in Your Enterprise

As data consumers become more data literate and demand more complex data solutions, enterprise platforms need to shift their architecture to support data democratization and rapid solution development. Companies that try to scale using legacy approaches will find themselves at a disadvantage as rivals use data to gain a scalable, repeatable competitive edge.

But while the upside is significant, modern architecture is not a switch you flip or a thing you buy, and success depends on careful planning.

Join us as we review the components that are changing each step of the data value chain, from ingestion, storage and processing through consumption, talk about what's improved, and what opportunities each presents to change how you treat your data. We'll also discuss the novel design patterns you should pay attention to as you start your data journey, such as DataOps, metadata-driven development and everything-as-code, and review the philosophies and approaches that maximize your chance of success.

Sept. 29, 11:15 AM Eastern
How to Make DataOps Work for Everyone - and Everything

DataOps promises to transform the development, governance and maintenance of data pipelines and analytics solutions, while increasing performance and improving reliability. But how do you make DataOps really work in the enterprise?

In this session, Axis Group digital transformation specialists will present a framework to meet the challenges you're likely to face bringing DataOps to the enterprise. We'll present different operating models, consider their pros and cons and weigh how effective each can be in different firm cultures. Which operating model is likely to promote cross-functional collaboration at your firm? How do you meet the needs of your firm's data consumers? And do I need to consider DataOps for ... digital workers?

Axis Group will combine theory with practice, as we share practical case studies about how DataOps has worked in the field and leave watchouts and takeaways so you're ready to build your own successful program.

Sept. 29, 12:45 PM Eastern
Modern Data Architecture: Lessons from the Trenches

Join us for a lively conversation with Levi Bailey, Humana's AVP of Cloud Architecture, and Keith Gaputis, Data Engineering Lead at Axis Group, as they share strategies for building modern data platforms based on the principles of DataOps.

Levi and Keith will draw on their real-world experiences designing data solutions and DataOps organizations that really work, providing practical tips and lessons from the field. Learn how Humana took a platform approach to transform its data ecosystem to liberate data, making it available to the enterprise (and beyond) to drive new value.  They'll discuss how to decide when to invest—and when to change course. Their experiences will help you increase your odds of leading a successful digital transformation and building a DataOps organization that's capable of delivering on its promises.

Sept. 30, 9:30 AM Eastern
Scaling to 10,000: Designing Metadata-Driven Dataflows

Have you been hearing about Metadata-Driven Dataflows (MDDs) and are wondering what they're all about? Maybe you've already started designing MDDs but want to take them to the next level. In this session, Axis Group experts show you how dynamic metadata-driven dataflows can simplify pipeline management as you scale—even to thousands of workflows—and reduce friction between your data and your users. You'll learn why MDDs are an essential design pattern for any true enterprise data team, and how they can save your team thousands of hours hand-coding every pipeline.

Sept. 30, 11:15 AM Eastern
Getting Practical with MLOps

Everyone seems to be talking about MLOps (Machine Learning + Operations), but what does it really do and what does it look like? There are many pitfalls and pain points in the ML model lifecycle that conspire to hinder organizations’ ability to use ML solutions effectively. MLOps involves the (entire) set of lifecycle management practices for quickly and reliably training, versioning, deploying, monitoring, and using ML models in production. Join Axis Group data engineers as we discuss where StreamSets can be leveraged to ease some of those pains. Are more people churning in production than when you trained your model? Has your underlying business process fundamentally shifted? You'll learn how you can leverage StreamSets to proactively identify when your models are misbehaving. We'll also talk about how MLOps is helping businesses in the real world.

Let's Make Music Together Using StreamSets MLOps! 

Why does data engineering always have to be about work? Join Axis Group Data Engineers as we make music together by wiring up Google's cutting-edge Magenta music engine to StreamSets’ powerful MLOps capabilities. We'll have fun crowdsourcing live web input from attendees and transforming it into music, and along the way you'll learn how to use StreamSets to get ML models out of the lab and into production! Axis Group will share templates that you can use to start building your own MLOps pipelines.

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