Have you ever wondered, “Will my Qlik deployment support future growth?”, “Are my applications performing at the highest levels?”, “What can I do to understand the gaps in my current Architecture?”, or “How do I know if I need more licenses?”

Axis Group’s Review-Analyze-Recommend (RAR) methodology has been developed to understand the ins-and-outs of your Qlik deployment and optimize it for continued performance and scalability.

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Application RAR

Through the use of our in-housed built Qlik Utilities, Axis can quickly assess the state of your QVD data model. Our QVW auditoraudits all aspects of a QVW based on best practices to optimize Qlik applications by finding and flagging issues related to performance and response times. We’ll also take a look at front end expressions and ways to optimize the visualization component of your application.

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Architecture RAR

During this review, Axis will assess your existing data architecture as well as identify your major data sources. A data flow diagram will be created that shows the flow of information from source to application. We’ll also determine if your existing hardware will support your data volumes and refresh rates now and in the future.

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Governance RAR

For organizations that have enterprise-wide deployments of Qlik, our Governance RAR is a great way to understand how best to manage this complex environment that could span buildings, borders, and even oceans.

Axis will review your existing developmental folder structure, change management process, and onboarding procedures for new developers. We’ll also review and discuss your Master Data Management (MDM) practices for better ways to optimize it. A set of recommendations will be created for each of these categories that will help you to create a true Center of Excellence (COE).

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Health Check

Health Checks are generally focused around your Qlik server. Axis will take a look at your existing hardware to make sure that your setup to scale as your organization grows. We’ll also assess the Server/QMC settings and your environment through the use of the ops monitor and governance dashboard. Axis will also determine your optimal license configuration based on how you are using the environment today and plan to use the environment in the future.

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