Give your developers the tools they need to build and deploy powerful dashboards and applications – Axis Group, a premier Qlik consulting company and Elite Solution Provider, offers QlikView training for users of all experience levels, from beginner to advanced, to best maximize your QlikView deployment. Designed by certified Qlik experts with a combined 100+ years of Qlik experience, our customized courses demonstrate solutions to real-world challenges and leaves you better equipped to handle any QlikView scenario.

“I came with problems, and left with solutions.”

Why choose Axis Group for your QlikView training?

  • Real-world examples
  • Qlik-certified instructors
  • Industry expertise: our experts were instrumental in developing QlikView’s first certification exams
  • National reach through our Virtual training platform
  • Custom-designed courses
  • Training manuals written by Qlik’s #1 partner

“The style of teaching was comfortable and easy to follow. It was conversational, as opposed to being read some slides and a textbook summary.”

We offer virtual instructor-led QlikView Designer, Developer and Advanced Boot Camp courses – for a complete list of our upcoming online training classes, go here.

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QlikView Designer

QlikView Designer is a scenario-based course covering the fundamentals required to get started building QlikView applications. Presented live online by one of our certified instructors, the two-day Designer course is a mixture of demonstrations and hands-on exercises which integrates user interface layout, design fundamentals, and how to create a QlikView application with sheets, including a case study providing an opportunity to build your own QlikView application. Additionally, the course will take an in-depth look at best practices in design and the different charts and graphs available to developers and business users inside of QlikView applications. This course is recommended for QlikView business users, designers and developers with a knowledge of basic computer concepts and an understanding of how key performance indicators are used. You will perform exercises throughout and have the option to interact with the instructor.

You will either need to have QlikView installed OR have administrative rights to your machine. A QlikView license is NOT required for the course. If you would like a printed user manual, a mailing address will need to be provided along with an additional $150 for printing and shipping costs. If the printed manual is needed in less than a week’s time, additional shipping charges may apply.


  • Course Overview
  • About QlikView
  • Getting Familiar with the QlikView Desktop Client
  • Designing Your Dashboard
  • Know Your Data
  • Bringing Data into Your Document
  • Simple Sheet Objects
  • Creating a Multi-box, a Table Box, and a Statistics Box.
  • Expressions
  • Charts
  • Dimensions
  • Expressions
  • Key Fields
  • Creating a Gauge
  • Dropdown Select, Cyclic Groups, and Drill-Down Groups
  • Buttons, Links, Actions, and Conditional Show
  • Actions and Triggers
  • Clickable URLs
  • Conditional Show and Error Messages
  • Tree view list box
  • Fast change
  • Container Objects
  • Advanced Calculations
  • Dynamic Caption Settings
  • Calculated Dimensions
  • Aggr() Function
  • Dollar-sign Expansion
  • Dollar-sign Expansion using a variable
  • Dollar-sign Expansion with Parameters
  • Dollar-sign Expansion with Expressions
  • Set Analysis
  • Reports
  • Bookmarks
  • Dimension Limits
  • Alternate States
  • Troubleshooting
  • How to Report Bugs
  • Deployment Options/Scenarios
  • Best Practices
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QlikView Developer

Ready to take your QlikView applications to the next level? Our three-day Developer course is a must if you are building QlikView documents. Knowledge of the data model, creation of the proper data connections and scripting fundamentals are critical to creating QlikView documents that provide your organization with powerful business discovery tools. Presented live online by one of our certified instructors, QlikView Developer provides you with an opportunity to learn by doing through a series of lectures and hands on exercises focused on developing QlikView documents. The course begins with the QlikView environment and ends with an introduction to advanced interface design, as well as a new business case where you can practice your skills in building a QlikView document from the beginning using identified key performance indicators. You will perform exercises throughout and have the option to interact with the instructor.


  • Course Overview
  • About QlikView
  • Data Sources
  • The Difference Between ODBC and OLE DB
  • Getting Familiar with the Script Editor
  • Basic Scripting Syntax
  • Standard Variables
  • Adding Comments
  • Bringing Data into your QlikView document
  • The Connection String
  • The Excel Wizard
  • Importing a Crosstable
  • Renaming Fields
  • Troubleshooting
  • The Table Viewer
  • How to Debug Your Script
  • How to Find and Use the LogFile
  • The QlikView Start Page
  • How to Report Bugs
  • Deployment Options/Scenarios
  • Resident and Preceding Loads
  • Key Fields
  • Restricting Data
  • Synthetic Keys
  • Circular references
  • Link Tables
  • Concatenate
  • Using Variables in Your Script
  • Using Flags in your Code
  • Building a Calendar
  • QVDs
  • Binary Load
  • The Include Statement
  • Using Mapping Tables
  • Data, & Date Islands
  • Hierarchy and Tree List View
  • Metadata
  • IntervalMatch
  • IF Statements, For Loops, Do While
  • Security
  • Best Practices
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Advanced Boot Camp

Our advanced three-day QlikView boot camp utilizes a topic-based training approach structured to maximize your time learning the ins and outs of advanced concepts that are typically not covered in traditional training classes.

Why advanced training? Maybe you’ve already taken Qlik’s developer training course, but still find yourself scratching your head when certain situations arise. Our virtual boot camp is structured to give you a core foundation on which nearly any QlikView question can be solved. This will help you execute projects faster, seeing a return on your investment much quicker. The course is presented live online by one of our certified instructors and takes three days to complete. By the end of this camp, you’ll be able to effectively read and understand requirements in regards to impact on QlikView coding and design. You will also be able to quickly create supportable data models and understand the front-end concepts that will allow for you to efficiently deliver a sustainable application.

This class is not for beginners – it is recommended for designers and developers with a working knowledge of QlikView. You will perform exercises throughout and have the option to interact with the instructor.


  • Data Architecture
  • Data Loading
  • Scripting Best Practices
  • Common Scripting Functions
  • Combining Data
  • Data Model Best Practices
  • Data Modeling
  • Basic Application Design
  • Common Front End Functions
  • File Metadata
  • Dates
  • Variables
  • Advanced Front End Functions
  • Actions and Macros
  • Island Tables
  • Cycle/Drill Groups
  • Performance Tuning: End User Application
  • Building for AJAX
  • Extensions
  • Alternate States and other selection techniques
  • Direct Discovery (with or without Big Data)
  • Hierarchical load and self-referential tables
  • Dimensional Modeling
  • E-R diagrams and conventional relational modeling compared to Qlik Associative modeling
  • Section Access and security