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The best way to move QVD files quickly

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  1. Deepak

    Can you elaborate this?
    I was also curious what loading all of them into a single QVW and using QUALIFY * would yield in file size.
    My assumption:
    Table 1:
    Qualify *
    Load *
    From 1.qvd

    Table 2:

    Load *
    From 2.qvd

    Table 3:
    Load *
    From 3.qvd

    And then doc preference and set compression to high

    Is it? ?

  2. Mike S Author

    Deepak: The scenario you’re describing is the one I tested that is labeled “Loaded into QVW.” That file was slightly larger than zipping the QVD files, even with compression.

    (Additionally, you would have to go to the trouble of writing the script to load the files, then write a script to binary load the QVW, alias the fields without qualifiers, and store out to QVDs.)

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