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Synthetic Dimensions with Better Performance than Valuelists

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  1. Pritam

    We are getting a lot of requests along similar lines. This seems to be an interesting approach. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Nur Flechl

    Thanks for sharing! I’ve implemented this approach and actually happy about it. Just one weakness: If I use it in a pivot table, I’m not able to get any sum over the dual dimension. Do you have any suggestions how to solve this?


  3. Nur Flechl

    Just to be concrete: My expression looks like this: Pick(%Ueberfaellig, Sum({<Laufzeit_Ueberfaellig={"}Flag_AvalID),Sum({=$(=Datum)”} >} Flag_AvalID))

    Together with the Dimension(%Ueberfaellig) from the isolated table I’m showing two more dimensions in a pivot table, that’s why I neet to show partial sums.


  4. Y. Blois

    Nice, you can replace %DualTest inline table by an external table. Usefull to allow end user / key user to maintain this kind of approach.

    I use this approach to solve some requirements like “Bridge” charts, scorecard.



  5. smirkin andrii

    Thank you very mach. It is very useful. I have tested this approach and my results were more than i expected. Perfomance has improved in 30 times!!!

  6. Mohammed Salman

    Thanks a lot for sharing such valuable info. This is so much required many a times I think. But as someone said above that if you want to use these dual values in pivot table with other functions maybe say set expressions then it might cause some problems. But still for those case, the actual fields or dimensions should be used. Still this tip is very much valuable in both performance and ease of use!!!

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