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Axis Utilities for Qlik

Axis Group has taken their extensive Qlik experience and produced a unique and powerful set of utilities to optimize and effectively govern your Qlik deployment. These utilities are useful during the full lifecycle of your application development and management. As an Axis Maintenance customer, you have full access to these applications.



Utilities available for both QlikView and Qlik Sense

QVD Compare

  • Compare changes between two QVDs to validate script, field and row changes and ensure only expected results are delivered
  • Helps to identify data anomalies
  • Allows you to compare before and after changes
  • Can compare data values, fields, rows and columns

QVD Data Profiler

  • Profiles data in all QVDs in a specific folder, identifies potential data quality issues, and provides count of distinct values for each field to get a better picture of data prior to development
  • Compare values across several QVDs
  • Shows ranges of values for fields

QVF/QVW Data Profiler

  • QVF profiler for Sense and QVW profiler for QV
  • Profiles data by reporting field, table and relationship characteristics to ensure an optimized data model and identify potential data quality issues.
  • Binary loads data model
  • Great for performance troubleshooting



Utilities only available for QlikView

QVW Auditor

  • Audits all aspects of a QVW based on best practices to optimize QlikView applications by finding and flagging issues related to performance and response time.
  • Will show what parts of script are taking too long to reload
  • Sets data model flags to high-light potential problems
  • Can highlight problems in front end that should be moved to script

QVW Compare

  • Compare and validate data and design changes effortlessly between two QVWs to support application promotion into production.

Directory Monitor

  • Provides an overview of your QlikView file repository and identifies areas to optimize your environment, including aged files, duplicate files and QVDs not used by QVWs.

Directory Compare

  • Compares contents of two directories in different environments to identify file disparities and detect changed files within a specified time period.
  • Point to 2 directories in 2 environments – Compare Test to Development or Production



When would I use these utilities?




Application Certification

Change Management

Administration and Support

QVW Auditor (QV Only)
QVW Compare (QV and QS)
QVF Data Profiler (QV and QS)
QVD Compare (QV and QS)
QVD Data Profiler (QV only)
Directory Monitor (QV only)
Directory Compare (QV only)



Customer Success Use Cases

Business Challenge


Establish processes for application testing, change management and production control QVW Auditor to analyze applications, review and certify that best practices are being followed and ready for production migration.
QVW Compare to understand application changes and to determine rigor of testing required and accelerate promotion process.
Application performance did not meet user expectations as well as long reload times QVW Auditor to identify script areas to review to reduce load time and resource intensive object expressions that could impact response time.
Find data outliers and analyze data sources for application data modeling. QVD/QVW Data Profiler to identify data quality issues in source systems; assist in data modelling to identify potential keys and field patterns.
Analyze impact of backend changes on front end applications as well as reusability of existing QVDs. Directory Monitor to quickly identify fields utilized across various applications as well as QVDs that are already available for reuse.
Custom web application with QV data engine was not performing in accordance with user expectations. QVW Data Profiler identified high cardinality key linking two tables with 26M and 12M records. Implementing innovative solution to this problem was the key to improving UI selection response time by 12 seconds.