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Qlik Software Maintenance

Why Choose Axis Group for your Qlik Maintenance?

By choosing Axis Group as your partner to handle your Qlik software maintenance, you’ll gain access to more enhanced services you’ll find nowhere else. Trust our team of certified professionals to troubleshoot your issues faster and quicker than you could through Qlik itself. You’ll also gain the benefits from annual health checks where we’ll review your system for performance and reliability and guide you on upgrades and platform specs. Axis has introduced “customer only” webinars, where you’ll learn about new things in the Qlik product line and lessons from our front line Qlik support team – Axis maintenance customers will also get free access to our Qlik Utilities.

Exclusive to Axis Group clients – Automated Alerting and Monitoring

We supply the alerts, you fix the problem.



How does it work?

  • Axis alert agent installed on your Qlik production platform. Outbound notification port required.
  • Alerts monitored by Axis
  • Client identifies the alerts they want to receive and frequency
  • Email issued upon alert condition
  • Summary report delivered quarterly



What is being monitored?

  • Qlik application logs
  • Measure Performance Counters – sessions, streams, tickets, tasks, latency, iops
  • Operating system logs – Windows events
  • Port monitoring
  • Service monitoring – Qlik Sense and QlikView services
  • System monitoring – # of processes, reload checks, disk space, threads, uptime, memory
  • Web/URL monitoring – www Windows service, IIS pool NTLM port, SSL certs



Choose the maintenance plan that’s right for you:

Service Offering

Standard Software Maintenance (20%)

Premium Maintenance (23%)

Managed Services (Monthly Fee)

Qlik Software – access to Qlik software updates
Telephone Support – during normal business hours
Health Check – review of system performance and reliability Annual Quarterly Monthly
Alerting – critical error detection plus reload failure notification ✓ *
Upgrade Guidance – recommended versions based on use case
Platform Guidance – architecture, sizing, hardware specifications
Axis Qlik Utilities – access to Qlik utilities for QlikView and Sense
Support Coverage – system down and mission critical 24/7 24/7
Priority Ticket Management – assigned solution engineer
End User Issues – desktop, browser, network, server, security
Hosting & Remote Administration
Server Administration – configuration, license, user, document, tasks
Alerting & Monitoring – advanced detection with triage and resolution
Application Support – ongoing development support for Qlik applications

*One time fee for implementation