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Qlik Sense Extension – Network Diagram


  1. Camaris

    Nice work !
    Brilliant demonstration of the strength of open visualisations.

    I can run your example, but with simple own data, I get an error ‘The visualization failed to render’.
    Data I used:

    Load * Inline [
    From_Node, To_Node, Value

    Is there a good way to debug visualizations to find out what is causing te error ?

  2. Speros Author

    Hi, the error is most likely because this extension was originally designed to take links defined in both directions. So for example, your record A,X,1 also needs a record for X,A,1.

    However, the code can be easily changed to handle the situation you have, where each link in the data set is only defined once. In fact, I think that would make the extension much easier to use.

    A good way to debug visualizations on the web is to use the Javascript console to view what code is causing errors. The console can be opened in Google Chrome by pressing Ctrl+Shift+J. You can use the feedback in the console to see what lines in the source code did not work.

  3. Pablo

    does this visualization also work in Qlikview 11?

    1. Speros Author

      No, this extension was built on the Qlik Sense API’s which are significantly different than the QV11 API’s. I have a QV11 version somewhere, I may post it if it would be helpful.

  4. lima

    Hi Speros,
    it would be helpful the QV11 version of this extension, if you have it… thanks!

    I tried your Network Diagram extension but it seems the weights are not recognized: the node-dimension depends on the number of links entering or exiting that node, instead of depending on the weight (different from “1”) I specify in the datasource. In my case the weight is the number of page views, the nodes are webpages.

    This is my datasource:

    Load *,
    Source & ‘_’ & Target as Source_Target;
    Load * Inline [
    Source, Target, Weight

    I guess it is hard, but it would be great to have the possibility of customizing:
    – the direction, having an arrow entering and an arrow exiting from each node
    – the thickness of the links (so that I could define the node-size as the sum of entry and exit links, and the thickness of the directed link as the sum of entry links) .

    Thanks in advance.

  5. Phaneendra Kunche

    It will be great if you can post a Qlikview 11 version here.

  6. Sarang


    My network graph does not show the links between the nodes.
    Only the nodes are shown.

    Can anybody please help me

  7. Network Graph


    Is there a chance to give the nodes of one team the same color?

  8. Raghavan

    This extension is really great and thanks!!!

    I am new to qlikSense and I would like to know if there’s any extension that handles below:
    a. display a message on the link if mouse over
    b. take user to a detailed report when particular node is clicked ?


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