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across borders qlik sense demo

Across Borders

Across Borders is a visualization of refugee data from UNHCR. Explore the app to find out more about where people are coming and going, how they are being accepted around the world, and what events are contributing to this migration.View demo



flight map qlik sense demo

Flight Map

Explore 6,000+ airports and 60,000+ flight routes from a 2014 open flight data set. This demo combines Qlik’s Associative Engine with the mapping power of Mapbox GL to render a high volume interactive data set in the browser.View demo



ticket manager qlik sense demo

Ticket Manager

Ticket Manager is a mobile app designed to drive behavior in the field by providing actionable data and workflows. The app is powered by the associative model of Qlik Sense, giving employees in the field the ability to interact with and analyze data in real time so that they can effectively respond to new customer tickets.View demo



service charges qlik sense demo

Service Charges

Visualize service charges and discover problems in the business with this interactive dashboard that combines the Sense Associative Model with AngularJS and D3.View demo



medair ebola crisis qlik sense demo

MedAir – Ebola Crisis Response

A Qlik Sense application with data about the Ebola crisis in West Africa is combined with custom web visualizations to help MedAir analyze their response efforts. This application was the winner of the Qonnections 2015 Hackathon.View demo



loan officer performance tracker qlik sense demo

Loan Officer Performance Tracker

Monitor and rank loan officers across multiple metrics simultaneously with this interactive bump chart.View demo



discount rate trending qlik sense demo

Discount Rate Trending

Identify major changes in discount rates over time through a connected strip plot with adjustable thresholds.View demo



d3 visualization library qlik sense demo

D3 Visualization Library

Incorporate advanced d3 visualizations into your Sense applications with this extension object that houses 30 d3 visualizations.View demo



digital diplomacy qlik sense demo

Digital Diplomacy

Winner of the Qlik World Conference Hackathon 2014. Visualize the social media conversation of diplomatic organizations around the world.View demo



interactive forecasting qlik sense demo

Interactive Forecasting

Explore future sales scenarios on the fly by dynamically analyzing open opportunities.View demo



scorecard qlik sense demo


Quickly capture sales trends across dimensions with a visual scorecard.View demo