qlik elite solution provider logoQliktech® delivers intuitive platform solutions for self-service data visualization, guided analytics applications, embedded analytics and reporting to approximately 40,000 customers worldwide. Companies of all sizes, across all industries and geographies, use Qlik® solutions to visualize and explore information, generate insight and make better decisions. At Qlik, we optimize Business Intelligence (BI) by harnessing the collective intelligence of people across an organization. We focus on empowering people—by enabling everyone in an organization to see the whole story that lives within their data.

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alteryx logoCompanies of all sizes realize the tremendous potential for data, but many struggle with turning that data into something they can take action upon, quickly enough for it to make a difference. Legacy approaches and tools for analytics have simply slowed them down even more. And, analysts in line of business departments such as sales, marketing, and finance are exhausting the capabilities of Microsoft Excel and other point solutions, and have grown tired of having to depend on data scientists and IT staff for data blending, analytics, and sharing of insight.

With Alteryx these problems no longer slow an organization down. Analysts love Alteryx because it uniquely provides them with a single workflow for data blending, analytics, and reporting. This workflow allows the seamless blending of internal, third party and cloud-based data, and simple analysis using 60+ prebuilt tools for spatial and predictive analytics. All of this is achieved in a drag-and-drop environment that requires no coding or specialists. The Alteryx workflow is so intuitive that users are productive in hours.

Alteryx has earned the trust of more than 600 customers around the world, ranging from many of the world’s largest and best known brands, including Experian, Kaiser, Ford, and McDonald’s, to growing organizations such as Rosenblatt Securities, Vertix, and ConsumerOrbit, who all want to use the power of data for a competitive edge.

Alteryx is headquartered in Irvine, California, with its development center in Boulder, Colorado, and regional offices in Silicon Valley, Dallas, Chicago, and the United Kingdom. Over 170 Alteryx associates plus dozens of partners around the world, remain true to the vision and passion of our three founders, who all continue to hold prominent and active roles in the company. Together, they serve over 200,000 users who love and rely on Alteryx Analytics to provide them with an intuitive workflow for data blending and advanced analytics.

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wherescape logoWhereScape designs, develops, sells and supports WhereScape 3D, the industry’s first data warehouse planning tool, and WhereScape RED, the industry’s first and best integrated development environment for building, deploying, managing and renovating data warehouses. WhereScape’s products are used in every kind of business intelligence project found in today’s commercial environment: from normal-form enterprise data warehouses and data vaults, through user access layers and tiers of dependent data marts, to standalone data marts and reporting systems.

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timextender-small-logoTimeXtender helps companies get business intelligence done substantially faster than a traditional deployment with stronger efficiency, less time, and less money spent. TimeXtender has been leading the way in Data Warehousing Automation for more than nine years.

Their successful track record in helping companies with data warehouse and business intelligence has spread across the globe, and they have become the leaders in the Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) for the Microsoft SQL Server market with more than 2,600 customers and various partners worldwide. TimeXtender’s Data Warehousing Automation platform simplifies the data warehouse process and minimizes the time spent on turning complex data into valuable information.

Their unique software, TX DWA, brings organizations from any industry results and business reports five times faster than other Business Intelligence solutions on the market.

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Narrative Science

narrative science logoNarrative Science was started in order to solve a big problem—giving people a fast and simple way to understand data. While companies have invested billions sourcing and aggregating data, spreadsheets and dashboards as mechanisms to understand data simply aren’t cutting it. People want the stories the data supports—about their operations, about their business, about their life. And, what better way to tell stories than through language?

That’s why Narrative Science is focused on creating exceptional software, starting with their advanced natural language generation platform, Quill, that transforms data into meaningful and insightful narratives people can simply read. Quill enables organizations to spend less time crunching numbers and more time providing their employees and customers with actionable information that, ultimately, makes them smarter.

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INforBI logoIN4BI creates powerful software solutions that help companies to leverage their BI investment. Platform Manager for Qlik enables Customers to Control their Development and Deployment of Qlik apps. Platform Manager encourages Collaboration between developers, testers and users resulting in more efficient development and testing of Qlik apps. Platform Manager provides Version Control, Deployment and Analyses features for Qlik Sense and QlikView.

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