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No database tables showing in Business Objects Designer


  1. Ross Goodman

    I cam across this very recently with a colleague.
    In my current environment we have no say in the upgrading of software.
    We resolved it by using an OLEDB connection rather than an ODBC.

    Hope that helps.


  2. Mike S Author

    Thanks for that workaround, Ross.

  3. Elangovan Rajamohan

    Check if the database user which you used to connect to the database has privileges to view the tables. Try to login into the database with the username and see if you can view the tables. This could be a privilege problem.

  4. uma sankar

    I am unable to detect the oracle in the Business objects designer test connection as the error reported as Test connection Failed ORA-12532

  5. Goosedee

    I resovlved this by changing the name of the database instance. I just had to remove an underscore “_” that was part of the name. Designer seems to only pick “text” db names.

  6. Frits Nagtegaal

    Thanks. I had the same prblem with SQL Server 2000 running on MS Win 2000. Changing the database name would have worked, but would have made me change a lot of other things as well. But indeed DB’s without “_” do give the tables and with don’t. The OLEDB connection is my solution now.

  7. John Lawson

    I have to say creating the connection using ole db works like a charm! I wish I had found this note sooner! Thank you thank you thank you!

  8. Rob$$on

    I had this same problem, situation and I solve that to change roles and permission on MS SQL Server or Oracle DBA.

  9. Yousif Altamimi

    I am using Business objects designer and when I click on insert table the system search for all Oracle sachem’s and then the table browser not showing.

  10. Yousif Altamimi

    I need someone to help me resolving this issue please.

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