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Loss Prevention

Shrinkage in any organization is a fact of life, especially retail. While it might not be possible to completely reduce it to zero, moving the needle 2% could have a tremendous impact on the bottom line. For organization that support heavy cash transactions this could be as high as 7%. Imagine being able to save your company hundreds of millions of dollars.

Axis Group has developed a solution that can quickly identify loss using historical data locked inside your ERP while applying business rules to flag anomalies for further investigation by your department.



Have you ever wondered:

  • Is employee theft an issue in my organization?
  • What’s my shrinkage is as a percentage of sales?
  • How are we currently handling loss prevention in this company?
  • What loss prevention techniques are working for us?
  • Does my ERP system have an effective loss prevention module?
  • How do I track metrics like Items per transaction, Avg item value, Avg transaction value, Deletion %, Refund %, and coupon % (if applicable)?

Contact Axis Group today for a demo and conversation about how this solution can help your organization.