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How to reduce “glitz” in Xcelsius

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  1. Alan McClean

    Great idea to put this out in the open. One thing, the free add-on comes with the not supported for production warning. I asked the authors and they said it might be in the next release of Xcelsius but that would be another 6-9months coming.



  2. Deborah

    Nice to hear another like-minded developer. I too don’t like the default styles and always edit it. It seems few bother to do this since I see so many tools created with Xcelsius that look alike. I’m glad the new version gives me more control over the look of the components.

  3. Marya Kaska

    Using Xcelsius, I just created a bullet chart which aligns nicely in the program but when published, doesn’t align properly in IE–the “actual”is pushed to the left. Any ideas?

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