Hospital Acquired Conditions

Hospital acquired conditions are frequent, serious and potentially life-threatening. HACs can also lead to longer hospital stays, increased costs and higher morbidity and mortality.

Compiling HAC data and generating reports is time consuming, which affects the timeliness of distribution. By automating processes and implementing a Qlik application, you can expect to enhance ease of use and promote adoption.

Axis can help promote visibility and collaboration to reduce the amount of incidents and increase compliance.

Population Health Registry Builder

Population Health Registry Builder

Reaching the ultimate goals of a population health program depends on creating a foundation of reliable, accurate data. Most healthcare providers are in the early stages–risk and opportunity are high.

Creating registries typically involves IT building out registries based on Dx, sending to committee for clinician review, removing those patients deemed inappropriate, and building inclusion and exclusion rules in a trial-and-error process.

Accurate registries ensure downstream efforts are effective. Relying solely on billing data will likely miss 30% to 40% of patients that should be included. This level of inaccuracy can have significant financial impact. Accuracy can be enhanced by enabling the exploration of patient population using lab results, procedure codes, medications, imaging results, functional status and claims data.