QlikView 9.0 beta 1 updates and new functionality

An uncomprehensive list.  This post is NOT recommended for production use.



  • QlikView Publisher Standard Edition is no longer; its features are now included with QlikView Server
  • QlikView Publisher Enterprise Edition is no longer a standalone product, but an add-on module for QlikView Server


  • The QlikView AccessPoint has been designed as the launching point for QVWs on QlikView Server
  • Full collaboration available on thin clients (AJAX and Java)
  • Ability to share objects with selected users instead of all
  • Users can add their own "user" sheets to QlikView documents instead of cramming their new objects into the existing document
  • No need to pre-generate AJAX pages anymore


  • iPhone client will soon be available in the iTunes application store
  • Java client for most other phones, e.g. BlackBerry and Symbian
  • AJAX may work reasonably well on some mobile browsers

A teaser from last year's Qonnections partner conference, coming to fruition only a year later:



  • No more limit of 2 billion rows per table; rather, limited only by a machine's capabilities
  • Better efficiency in calculating frequency, showing alternatives, and chart aggregation

Real-time data update (!)

  • Just quoting this because I'm not sure I understand it yet: "For the first time in QlikView history it is possible to programmatically update field data in real-time without running the script. Via a new API and more or less standard SQL INSERT, UPDATE and DELETE commands, any QlikView field data can be updated directly in RAM. On a server the updated data is pushed out to the clients.
  • "This functionality is freely available in stand-alone QlikView but requires an additional license on QlikView Server."


  • Improved Table and Select Wizards in Script Editor
  • Load statements can be applied to individual fields in memory as opposed to tables
  • Attribute function allows you to extract file attributes, e.g. id3 tags in mp3s
  • Store data into delimited files, not just QVDs

Front end

  • "Home" button, which can be set like a bookmark, replaces "Clear" button
  • Export QlikView documents to XML, sans data, which should be handy for versioning
  • Link from QVW to QVW, passing selections
  • Actions will replace the functionality of common macros
  • Search Objects can search multiple fields at once
  • Clickable URLs within cells, as opposed to just buttons and images
  • Indirect Set Analysis allows you to state selections in a field based on selections in another field, e.g. "Select all possible values in customers based on sales last year"
  • Dynamic chart backgrounds, "e.g. for map backgrounds that update with selections"
  • Dynamically show/hide straight table columns

Data visualization

I have added detailed QlikView screenshots of these two new visualizations here and here.


  • Trellis charts, which sound to me to like a manifestation of small multiples, available for all bitmap chart types


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