Introducing senseUtils, a JavaScript library for Qlik Sense web development

After building a few mashups with the new Qlik Sense APIs, I ran into problems that required me to do complex coding around the APIs. These problems may arise again so it made sense to write boiler plate code with the APIs to tackle them in the future. I've stored these first few functions into a JavaScript library called senseUtils that I hope can become a repository for web development utilities that make Qlik Sense easier to extend.

The library is available on GitHub here.

The first two problems it addresses are:

  1. removing hypercubes after they've been created using the Workbench API; this can be useful for situations like a single page application where you need to disconnect from a dashboard view
  2. defining a visualization callback based on multiple cubes. A multicube function is included that can keep track of multiple hypercubes before calling a single callback function. This can be useful for complex visualizations that are dependent on more than one data source

Please feel free to contribute, whether it be by adding your own functions, reporting bugs, or requesting feature enhancements to the library. The latter two items can be entered in the Issues section of the repository.


TAGS: Miscellany

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