Introducing the new COMPASS PPM website!

Axis Group recently launched a new website dedicated to showcasing COMPASS PPM, the reporting platform that enables users to gain visibility into their CA data by providing instant, on-demand and visual access to key metrics when they need it most.

Zero in and analyze the information that matters to your business - on, we have a lot of great information that speaks to the value of COMPASS and the flexibility of our solution. Check out the new video on the home page and view the Top 10 Reasons you may want to consider COMPASS. Also, be sure to review The Details where there are many detailed views of COMPASS and feature descriptions. You can even try out a live demo!

A few words from our existing customers:

“Resource visibility saved us $10M over three months, and we still delivered on time.”

“I’ve never met an organization that gets it as quickly as they do, and yet are always focused on providing practical business solutions.”

“COMPASS can reduce reporting costs by 20-30 percent.”

“This is the kind of thing that you begin to realize that you just can’t live without.”

We have been working with CA PPM for 10+ years and have a ton of experience getting information out of CA PPM. We understand the data model and the reporting needs that users have, and can help you with the challenges you face like:

  • What are my reporting options?
  • How does Jaspersoft and COMPASS fit in?
  • What will it take to migrate my existing reports?
  • How can I leverage the new CA PPM data warehouse?
  • How can I combine my Rally and CA PPM data?
  • How can I leverage my corporate BI tools?

We would really like to get your input on your CA PPM Reporting needs, as we want to make sure that we understand the challenges you face and the ongoing needs within your team or business. Take our survey to give us your perspective and enter our contest to WIN an Apple Watch.

For more information about how Axis Group can help reveal the stories your data tells, visit our website, email, or call 908-988-0200.

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