How I read eBooks and other PDFs

If you're trying to read an eBook, tutorial, or any other PDF from start to finish, it can be kind of annoying to locate the PDF and remember where you left off whenever you can sneak in a few pages of reading.  Because my browser, Firefox, is open all the time, anyway, I figured out an easier way to read from there.

To begin, I use Foxit, not Adobe, to view PDFs.  I'm not sure what Adobe includes that Foxit doesn't, but it takes up over ten times as much space on my hard drive (117 MB for Adobe 8 versus 10.4 MB for Foxit 3.0), and the amount of memory Foxit uses seems to be an improvement (39.4 MB in Adobe versus 14.5 MB in Foxit for the PDF I tested).  Also, I don't believe Adobe has the ability to add bookmarks to PDFs.

Open the PDF in Firefox, then bookmark it in your browser, like you would a website. Use F11 to toggle full screen mode in Firefox.

To save your place, add a bookmark using the button on the Bookmarks tab of Foxit.  I create one called "Current" and reset it every time I have to stop reading.  Just be sure to save the PDF before you close it.


The next time you can spare a few minutes to read, just click the bookmark link in your browser, then click the Current bookmark you saved in the PDF itself.  That's it.

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